At Beefer’s we believe the flavor of our burgers is all about the quality grain fed beef that we use. Because of the quality o our meat, little is needed in the way of seasoning to deliver a great flavor. Still, some like it hot. So to satisfy your desire to work up a good forehead sweat, we are celebrating the Jalapeno in March. Check out our tasty jalapeno offerings.

Grilled Jalapeños: Lightly grilled on the griddle, they make the perfect topping to any burger or chicken sandwhich where you want to bring the heat.

Fresh Sliced Jalapeños: Like your jalapeños crunchy? We slice them and add them to the top of any sandwich. Enjoy the natural crunchiness of fresh jalapeños.

Fried Jalapenos: Sliced lengthwise and lightly breaded. They are served with a fresh ranch sauce and make a great side dish instead of or in addition to our fresh cut fries.

Stuffed Jalapeños: Stuffed with cheddar cheese, lightly breaded and deep fried to perfection. Served with a fresh ranch sauce.

Get into Beefer’s today to enjoy the best that the Jalapeno has to offer.

Jalapeno Time

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